The Diversity Practitioners Roundtables and Diversity Roundtables provide an opportunity for human resource professionals responsible for Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, recruitment and compliance to exchange best practices and ideas with Diversity Practitioners, employers, and local community stake holders.


Roundtable discussions are driven by topics relevant to employment and important to the Multicultural and Diverse Communities. This includes People with Disabilities, Women, LGBTQ, Mature Workers and Veterans.


The Diversity Practitioners Roundtables take place in one of two formats – panel/moderator or guest speaker(s). They are accessible as an online webinar or in person conference. Traditionally the Diversity Practitioners Roundtables take place on each city or state’s Diversity Employment Day as proclaimed by the Mayor or Governor. It coincides with the Annual Diversity Employment Day Career Fair taking place on the same day.


Every year over 50 Diversity Practitioner Roundtables and Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs take place across the US. At each Diversity Practitioners Roundtable / Diversity Roundtable the Diversity Recruiters Network presents its Diversity Spirt Achievement and Diversity Leadership Awards to underscore and recognize outstanding supporters of Diversity in the workplace and community.


Past awardees, sponsors, panelist and/or participants include- Apple, Boeing, Bank of America, Kaiser, Red Cross, FBI, Green Peace, Microsoft, Turner Construction, US Government, Business and Community based organization Leaders, major media and many more.


Contact us for sponsorship details regarding the Diversity Practitioners Roundtables or Diversity Spirit Achievement Awards.

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