About Us


The Diversity Recruiter’s Network.org is the fastest growing professional association dedicated solely to the networking and education of professionals supportive of diversity in the workplace and community. It accomplishes this mission thru its Diversity Practitioner Roundtables, Diversity & Inclusion SkillShops, Diversity Career Fairs, Diversity & Inclusion Conferences, Diversity Career and Job boards,
Diversity Recruiters Network underscores and recognizes the outstanding efforts and support of individuals, employers, organizations, and media for Diversity & Inclusion within the workplace and community thru its Diversity Spirit Achievement and Diversity Leadership awards. The Diversity Recruiters Network host and partners with major media to bring multicultural and diverse candidates together with top employers at over 50 Annual Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs every year.
The Diversity Recruiter’s Network is regularly commended and recognized by Mayors, Governors and professional organizations for its efforts to empower its members to advocate for and to build workforces that reflect all the communities they serve. This includes Multicultural, People with Disabilities, Women, Mature Workers, LGBTQ, and Veterans.